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Youth are what Seven Tepees is all about. Seven Tepees' students play a large part in the design of our programs and in the leadership of our organization. Older youth frequently act as mentors and role models to younger youth. In the Seven Tepees Youth Program, young people can begin to create their own opportunities for success.

Seven Tepees' youth come from diverse backgrounds and sometimes challenging circumstances. Youth benefit from Seven Tepees’ commitment during the critical years from sixth grade through high school because it gives them time to make a positive difference in their lives.

Seven Tepees works closely with public schools and social service organizations to identify at-risk youth who would most benefit from our programs. Because we can only accept 10-12 new sixth graders each year, we must choose those with the greatest need and who we can best serve. For more information about Seven Tepees Youth programs and services, call 415-522-1550 or e-mail us at .



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