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Should I Become a Mentor?

The following questions are intended to help you think about whether or not this is the right time to become a mentor:

  1. Do I genuinely like children? Do I like child-centered or adolescent-type activities?
  2. Do I like to learn new things?
  3. Am I flexible? Can I tolerate disappointments?
  4. Can I be non-judgmental? Or, is there a right or wrong way to do most things?
  5. Can I be friends with a child and his/her family who are different from me?
  6. Am I dependable? Can I be counted on to do what I've said I will do?
  7. Do I have friends who meet my own adult social needs? Or am I hoping a child will be a companion for me?
  8. Do I have a sense of humor?
  9. Is becoming a mentor something I've given some thought to? Discussed with others?
Adapted from "The Mentoring Center: 'Where Young Minds Cannot Fail' "

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Should I become a mentor?
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