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Seven Tepees Youth Program
130 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 522-1550

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What Makes Our Mentor Program Different?

  • The Seven Tepees Mentor Program is one part of the comprehensive services we provide our youth. The young people not only receive mentoring, but participate in after-school tutoring, monthly community activities, and a year-round outdoor resource program.
  • We place a high priority on introducing our participants to diverse cultures and experiences. Keeping in mind our philosophy and goals, cross-cultural matches are considered in order to involve both mentors and mentees in learning about new ideas, values, and experiences¬≥giving each an opportunity to share and further investigate other cultures as well as their own.
  • Because we are a small organization, we are able to dedicate the necessary time required to create quality long-term relationships with all mentors, youth, and their families.
  • Seven Tepees Mentor Program provides mentors and mentees ongoing quality trainings to continually raise awareness about issues such as culture, violence prevention, body image, and college/career preparation.
  • Seven Tepees Mentor Program also offers a continual support group for mentors to discuss the successes and challenges faced within their mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Seven Tepees Mentor Program is committed to flexibility and continual growth. We welcome and encourage input from mentors and mentees so we may continually develop a quality program that will positively impact all participants.

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What Makes our Mentor Program Different?