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Seven Tepees Youth Program
130 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 522-1550

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About Us

Our Mission

Seven Tepees Youth Program is dedicated to impacting the lives of promising inner-city youth. Our mission is to work with urban youth entrusted to our care to foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and to create their own opportunities for success.

Our Name

The name Seven Tepees represents the diversity of the seven continents as well as the Native American tradition of connection to nature and care of the land. The richness of the world's cultures is an integral part of all program components.

Our Philosophy

Our program targets inner city and 12-year-olds and works with them for a seven-year period in providing the building blocks that will help them create positive, successful futures for themselves including: social competency skills, academic skills, healthy self-esteem, exposure to new options, and increased understanding and appreciation of their natural environment. Seven Tepees has received local and national recognition as an innovative youth program and serves as a model to other youth service organizations.