The mentoring program matches youth with committed adults who serve as positive role models. Mentors work with youth two to four hours per week for at least one year. The one-to-one, long-term relationship allows youth to develop self-esteem and confidence, putting them on the path towards success. Youth and their mentors participate in many activities together, such as going to the park, attending a ball game, or participating in Seven Tepees group activities. Through mentoring, youth are exposed to new ideas and experiences in a supportive, fun environment.

Kelsi and Haydee - Dream Mentor Match


Matched this past fall, this dynamic duo has created a mutually supportive and lasting relationship. They discovered similar interests together by visiting museums talking about art, especially photography. Through their experiences together, Haydee, an 8th grader, has become much more self-confident and boosted her  GPA from a 1.67 to 3.33!  In addition, she has taken on leadership opportunities and has become a positive peer role model for younger youth. This is meant to be a mentor match to last a lifetime!

  Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â  If you’d like more information about how to be a mentor, please contact Steve Soesbe, Mentor Coordinator, at (415) 522 - 1550, via email at , or visit Become A Mentor for more information.