Leadership Grant

In honor of the leadership of our co-founders, Danny Weinstein and Hully Fetico, Seven Tepees offers a special youth leadership grant program. Individual youth initiatives are supported in the following areas:

  • Leadership training
  • Service projects (open to various geographic areas)
  • Creative ventures & small businesses
  • Projects that improve the lives of other youth or the community

Seven Tepees students can apply for the Founder’s Grant by finding a staff "sponsor" and submitting an application. Interested students must also present their idea to the Seven Tepees Board, with the proposed timeline, budget and potential benefit to the community. Grants are awarded each spring and are up to $3,000.

Founder’s Leadership Grant Winners


High School:

Mural Art
Juan L. Cabrera, Juan M. Cabrera, Carlos Chan, Juan Colin, Douglas Martinez and Josias Zarate

Seven Tepees Musical
Nestor Cerda


High School:

Service and Cultural Exchange: Nicaragua

Moneace Smith




Middle School:

National Cheerleading Competition
Karianna Grigsby




Middle School:

Toys for Kids with Cancer Drive

Joi Rubit