Environmental Education

Connecting with the nature can be a powerful experience. Through the Environmental Education program, students learn about the world beyond their doorstep, and how to protect it for the future.

Locally, youth participate in ongoing environmental education and stewardship through activities such as improving local parks, cleaning beaches and exploring the Bay Area’s open spaces and community gardens. Through our continuing partnership with the Presidio Trust's Environmental Service Learning Project, the youth of Seven Tepees have been restoring native habitats here in San Francisco, one acre at a time.

Year-round program includes a camping trip to a National Park, winter cross-country skiing & snowboarding trip, summer camp at Hidden Villa, and other seasonal wilderness expeditions such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, and backpacking trips.

Whether the activity takes place in our own backyard or beyond the city, the Environmental Education program encourages students to build positive relationships with the natural world.

Community Service

The entire Seven Tepees community comes together for special service projects, educational outings, and cultural events. These activities provide the youth, volunteers, parents, and staff with an opportunity to give back to and gain knowledge from the communities in which they live.

Activities include attending ethnic celebrations, volunteering at hospices and homeless shelters, sorting food at the local food bank, playing bingo at an elderly home, and touring area museums. Through these outings, youth use the skills and values gained from Seven Tepees outdoor resource, tutoring, and mentoring components.

“When people ask what I did for the summer, I say I helped my community.  I feel proud when I say that.  Like my grandma says, ‘Dar es como recibir,’ which means giving is like receiving,” says Carlos, Seven Tepees 7th grader.

Waves - Marine Science Internship Program

To offset the budget cuts that have cancelled summer school all over the state of California, Seven Tepees has created a new program to keep youth academically engaged and focused. In six weeks, youth have the opportunity to explore and complete course work in a number of exciting hands-on and interactive trainings in the Marine Sanctuary's watersheds. Meant to academically engage our youth, activities include studying microscopic plankton in the watersheds, collecting specimens from tide pools, cleaning water tanks, and presenting their scientific findings through presentations.

To help give back to the Seven Tepees community, students who participate in the WAVES program will teach middle school youth about their experience and share what they've learned. This effort will help to instill a peer modeling structure, allowing older youth the opportunity to teach and interact with younger youth in our program.


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