In 2007, Seven Tepees launched a college and career program, which seeks to increase the number of first-generation college students by promoting a college-going culture at John O’Connell and International Studies High Schools as well as Seven Tepees’ own Learning Center.

In it's first semester of operation, the Seven Tepees College and Career program helped 120 Seniors apply to a four-year college program, a 300% increase over the previous year. College and Career support programs include:

College/Career Resource Centers

Resource centers are open 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm on high school campuses.

College/Career Curriculum

Students at both high schools may participate in our "Preppin For tha Good Life" curriculum, available for grades 9-12th. Students enroll in the weekly 1.5 hour class and receive a letter grade and units towards graduation upon completion.

Individual Assessment and Services for Seniors

Seniors can take advantage of services designed to demystify the college application process. We offer individualized counseling to research and select colleges and career possibilities. We also provide application support, including completing forms and writing essays. For qualifying students, we provide scholarship support with FASA, Seven Tepees Scholarships and others.

Testing Support

Seven Tepees helps Sophomores and Juniors prepare for the PSAT and SAT. We also offer fee payment for qualifying youth.

School Events

Seven Tepees hosts motivational assemblies, college tours, and career fairs for the school community, helping to foster the college-going culture school wide.

Parental Information (Se habla Espanol)

Seven Tepees hosts Parent Information nights and offers individualized support. We have collaborated with the PTSA of both campuses to distribute informational materials and resourceful information.